Munish Sharma | Sketches
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The Crystalline Cabaret Presents: Dr. Coppelius

A recent dance piece performed with the Wonderful Kelsey Moss

Hosting- Stand up 1

A snippet of me hosting form 2015 Tandoori Kings of Comedy Presented by South Asian Arts

Do you Believe in Science?

Do you Believe in Science? is a sketch I wrote with the help of Allen Morrison, a fantastic improviser and comedian who also appears in the sketch.

So do YOU believe in science?

Poppa Gora

I started working with Urban Jester in 2014 as a performer and writer. It’s wonderful to be surrounded by some of Vancouver’s funniest people. From improvisers to stand-up comedians, we’ve got it all! Poppa Gora is a short presented as a trailer and it pays homage to 1980s Bollywood movies.

Dance O Gram

Dance O Gram was another popular sketch from the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Chicken live shows. Thankfully we were able to tape it at one of our last performances. I love to dance, so I created a disgruntled dancer who is forced to dance to Top 40 or kitschy songs to make a living.

Bhuppi’s Bhangra Dance Group

Bhuppi’s Bhangra Dance Group was one of the first sketches I ever wrote for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Chicken. After performing it several times during live shows, it became my first attempt to put a sketch on video.