Munish Sharma | Spoken Word
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Spoken Word

You I Love is a Spoken Word series create to Inspire, promote positivity and growth.  Created by Munish and Rajnish Sharma, with guest artist directors and videographers

You I love- Fantasy

You I love- Cheater

You I love- Bird

You I love- Make Love 604

Cheeky- You I love

You I love- Journey


Ode to Music was commissioned by Bard on the Beach to be part of there
“If Music be the Food of Love “series

In January of 2009 I had my first meeting with South Asian Arts. We were planning on cooking something up together: butter chicken. I Can't Believe It’s Not Butter Chicken was...

Asha sat on her grandma's lap and watched as her mother tickled her baby brother Soroush. "Ma!" Soroush had just learned to say his first word. "Ma!" Asha’s dad had run to the kitchen...

The following is a drunken retelling of a story written immediately after it happened. It was edited for the love of grammar. Which is also a really good name for a...

James runs head first into everything. Maybe because that's how life should be approached, or maybe because he's nearly two years old. Regardless, it’s a joy to see him running towards everything...

Munish sat next to his father on the couch. He looked outside, he had asked for snow for his visit home and he got it. It wasn’t the big snowfalls of his...