Munish Sharma | Head to Toe
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Head to Toe

Head to Toe

Then let me be lost in it
Endless amounts of it
As if it were the very waterfalls that flow from the dreadlocks of the cosmic dancer himself.

Your reality seems dry to me

Like a fish in those waves of creative curiosity I will play.  
While others ask about the temperature
I will be fully submerged  
The ones that never learnt to swim may even utter that I‘m drowning.

And this “Can you imagine” aqua blue
Will come in and tease you
While you struggle to dip your toes
Safe on the sands of the real land

If by chance after your squealing and fearing you manage to dip that toe in
I hope that the excitement that courses up your spine reminds you that there is still time.

Time to jump in, frolic and dream.
Plunge you into the adventures that you seek.

Create all that you need
That is what it means to live the dream.