Munish Sharma | A flower
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A flower

A flower

I’ll be a flower

Others can aspire to be gods or goddesses,
Kings or queens
I will be a delicate flower

Embody your spirit guides and the metaphors of magnificent beasts
You can give me soil
I’ll be a sweet scented flower bound to this earth

Lay claim to the top of the land
Let me plant roots in her

I will live off the recipe she offers
A touch of sun, a sprinkle of water, and a small dash of wind
Gestation to termination in seasons

What good is a lifetime

If I do not know what it is to grow?

Hot pink and a touch of teal
That would be me
I would even take joy in being a weed
You can call me a flower

You can be gold, diamonds or some other alluring jewels
I have no interest in turning people into shining fools

Call me pretty
Tell me I’m beautiful
Fawn over me if you must
As long as it comes from the realization
Someday I will turn to dust

Yes, I’ll be a flower
Tease me
I’ll make no fuss
For I will still blossom and live a life full of purpose